Did You Miss the March 31st Health Insurance Open Enrollment Deadline?

There still may be time to get covered.

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“Over the last six or seven weeks we’ve been back and forth between the exchange down and I was out of town … Judy Sawyer finished our health care application this morning. We were on the phone an hour and a half doing the whole thing. You know — She was so kind and professional. When something wasn’t working right, she said ‘You know what, It’s not working. I will get back to you.’ She was so helpful and helped me figure out what would be the best option for my husband and me. I just wanted to let you guys know.”

- Barbara Crossman, Individual Health Insurance Client

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2014 Health Care Reform Compliance Ebook for Large Groups

Many of the Affordable Care Act’s key reforms will become effective in 2014.¬†Some of those critical reforms include health plan design changes, increased wellness program incentives and a new reinsurance fee.

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